Muppet Robin Hood 1 (April 2009)

I guess they don’t get it. I mean, maybe they do, but maybe not. Muppet Robin Hood reminds me of one of those licensed properties where they have a partial license, like when Dark Horse had The Terminator but not Terminator 2 and so couldn’t refer to it. Muppet Robin Hood plays like an overlong “Muppet Show” skit instead of like one of the themed Muppet movies (A Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island). There’s a lot of intentional anachronisms and they aren’t funny.

Where the comic works is when it’s not trying too hard–miniature golf in Middle Ages–you can practically see the laughter sign lighting up–when the jokes aren’t forced and sort of occur organically.

But it’s a wordy comic for, presumably, a younger audience. There’s lots of exposition (the exposition is solidly amusing) and then lots of dialogue.

Not a bad comic; not good either.


Writer, Tim Beedle; artist, Armand Villavert Jr.; colorist, Mara Aum; letterer, Marshall M. Dillon; editors, Paul Morrisey and Aaron Sparrow; publisher, Boom! Studios.

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