Zorro 2 (February 1994)


I tried, I really did. However, I’m not sure how anyone could tolerate Zorro. It’s beyond awful, beyond boring. I can’t figure out how the thing sold enough issues to get up to ten, or however long the series ran. I mean, it was the 1990s and all, but come on… no one would like this tripe.

The problem is wholly McGregor. I mean, Mayhew’s art is cookie cutter mainstream lame, but it’s fine enough. McGregor, though, he just can’t shut up. He seems to think the reader needs to know every characters thoughts all the time. He also tries to fetishize hacienda living… but by showing only the negatives. Even basic human kindness is alien in McGregor’s setting.

Again, a big problem is Zorro not being a real character. It’s also odd how the series seems to be based on the old Disney television series. Down to the likenesses.


Moonlight Reprisals; writer, Don McGregor; penciller, Mike Mayhew; inker, Andy Mushynsky; colorists, Laurie E. Smith and Carla Feeny; letterer, Mike DeLepine; editors, Dwight Jon Zimmerman and Jim Salicrup; publisher, Topps Comics.

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