The Immortal Iron Fist 8 (October 2007)


The big Enter the Dragon fight competition starts off here… only there’s not a matched fight. Instead, we get to see Danny in K’un-L’un. It’s interesting, sort of, to see Danny trying to acclimate. But he’s mostly trying to figure out what’s happened to Jeryn (his mix of Alfred and Lucius Fox).

Turns out Jeryn’s building a thing for Steel Serpent–I kind of remember this arc and they’re definitely up to no good, like bringing a capital city of heaven down to earth.

The flashback art (to Danny’s father) is from Martinez and he does a good job. He does such a good job, I just thought Aja was trying out a new style at the beginning.

Brubaker and Fraction maintain the action and humor, bringing in a bunch of little elements (intrigue over some girl, conflict with Steel Serpent) to good effect.

It’s too fast, but good.


The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, Part 1; writers, Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction; artists, David Aja and Roy Allan Martinez; colorists, Matt Hollingsworth and June Chung; letterer, Artmonkeys Studios; editors, Alejandro Arbona and Warren Simons; publisher, Marvel Comics.

Dark Horse Presents 30 (June 1989)


Oh, good, Race of Scorpions is back and just as incomprehensible as always. It turns out the mysterious stranger is really the brother of the evil emperor. There’s palace intrigue, an assassination attempt, machinations, it goes on. And it’s still awful. Maybe the writing’s a little better. Or it’s at least more understandable.

Luke and Norwood’s Project: Overkill is good. It’s a simple, Terminator thing, but Norwood’s art is excellent. Luke’s writing isn’t bad either, but it’s somewhat confusing. I don’t know if it’s an ongoing feature, but it might help it it is. Norwood is manga influenced, but it’s eighties manga. It’s really long too, but doesn’t feel it thanks to Norwood’s handling of action.

The Bob the Alien story is really short and amusing. Rice only has one real joke but it works out. It’s a shame Bob lost pages for more Scorpions.

Scorpions brings the book down.


Project: Overkill; story by Eric Luke; art by Phill Norwood; lettering by Pat Brosseau. Bob the Alien, Bob, the alien, Gets a Bike; story, art and lettering by Rich Rice. Race of Scorpions, Recollections and a Stabbing; story and art by Leopoldo Durañona; lettering by Laura Davis. Edited by Randy Stradley.

Dark Horse Presents 29 (May 1989)


I remember when Homicide started it was all right. It finishes here (I hope) and Arcudi’s dialogue is so laughably bad, I can’t believe I ever had a nice thing to say about it. While my inclination is to pause and mock it, I think I’ll move on.

Murphy’s back with another prose story with some brief illustration. He tries for potential fiction here, like Borges sometimes does. Murphy’s no Borges and the whole thing feels like some kid in high school wrote it. The art isn’t special, so I assume he knew someone at Dark Horse.

Bob the Alien is the best yet, with a constant stream of faux pas. They start minor, with Bob acclimating to living with a human girl, but then they just go crazy. Rice gets in some great lines.

The Duckman strip closing the issue is funny enough (though it can’t compare to Bob).


Homicide, Blood Storm; story by John Arcudi; art by Doug Mahnke; lettering by Pat Brosseau. Pressed for Time; story and art by Andrew Murphy. Bob the Alien, Bob, the alien, Moves In; story, art and lettering by Rich Rice. Duckman, The Mime Murders; story, art and lettering by Everett Peck. Edited by Randy Stradley.

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