Dark Horse Presents 71 (March 1993)


The Bacchus makes up for any other possible deficiencies this issue. Campbell (and Bacchus) retell the story of the Minotaur and it’s simply wonderful. I’m not sure it’s historically accurate, though I don’t know. I’ve never read such an in-depth Minotaur story.

The other two stories aren’t bad, but they really don’t even come close to Bacchus.

The Dominique story is pretty dumb. I didn’t even realize it was Jim Balent and I don’t think I’ve ever read a story he’s drawn before. The art’s fine. It’s better than the writing. The Moores have an ex-CIA agent called back in to deal with a Japanese diplomat. It’s derivative and xenophobic. But whatever.

Jordorowsky and Moebius do better with the Madwoman this time–some great art from Moebius. The awkward humor is gone, but Jordorowsky is at least pacing the narrative a little more creatively. Still, it’s nothing special.


Dominique, The Hardest Part, Part One; story by Charles Moore and Lisa Moore; script by Charles Moore; art and lettering by Jim Balent. Bacchus, Bullshit; story, art and lettering by Eddie Campbell. The Madwoman of the Sacred Heart, Part Two; script by Alexandro Jordorowsky; art by Moebius; lettering by Dave Cooper. Edited by Randy Stradley.

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