Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her 4 (February 2006)


I think I just remembered how this series ends. I think it’s with a big, unresolvable cliffhanger.


Anyway, this issue’s pretty good. It’s an all-action issue—Natasha goes and gets her sidekick from the South American work farm. There’s also another big Daredevil scene with Nick Fury—Matt beats up a bunch of guys—and it’s where Morgan is setting up the eventual series cliffhanger.

The art is off again. It’s the faces. They aren’t Sienkiewicz faces here, they’re a strange amalgam.

The issue opens with those bad faces and it’s this scene setting up yet another plot thread. I guess the series did open with it, so it’s not a setup, but Morgan hasn’t done anything with it since the first issue.

This Black Widow series might be the perfect example of why you shouldn’t do a sequel to a good limited series; they don’t necessarily work.


Women and Children First; writer, Richard K. Morgan; penciller, Sean Phillips; inker, Bill Sienkiewicz; colorist, Dan Brown; letterer, Cory Petit; editors, Cory Sedlmeier and Jennifer Lee; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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