Chronicles of Wormwood 3 (April 2007)


There’s a bunch of funny stuff this issue—the trip to Heaven has a great punchline—and Ennis gets in an unexpected Marvelman nod….

But for the first time, in his comic about the LAPD beating in half of Jesus’s head and the Anti-Christ being a pretty good guy all around, Ennis starts to get a little disturbing. His images of Hell, which Jacen Burrows handles without aggrandizing, are incredibly disturbing. Ennis knows how to turn the screws without a lot of effort.

Then the finale brings things a little more humorous—with Pope Jacko and Satan teaming up—but it’s not enough to recover the mood.

Even though it’s Avatar and Vertigo would never have the stones, Wormwood feels like a late eighties Vertigo book. It feels like something everyone involved is excited about and assuredly doing great work on.

Though Jay doesn’t get enough lines this issue.


Knocking On Heaven’s Door; writer, Garth Ennis; artist, Jacen Burrows; colorist, Andrew Dalhouse; publisher, Avatar Press.

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