The Thing from Another World: Climate of Fear 1 (July 1992)


It didn’t occur to me until I read the letters page… but here you’ve got a comic book with grotesque graphic violence and still the %@!!$ for curse words. Kind of funny.

Anyway, Arcudi doesn’t do bad with a Thing series. He moves the action to some remote Argentinean peninsula and provides a whole new cast of morons who ignore MacReady (Kurt Russell from the movie) and his warnings.

Politely speaking, it’s an unlikely sequel… but not one without its merits.

Arcudi gets how to pace the thriller aspect and the action aspect. His MacReady is a joker card, able to screw up the predictable behavior.

Still, penciller Jim Somerville and inker Brian Garvey bring a new level of incompetence to how to convey a visual thriller. These guys are silly when they should be serious and cartoonish when they should be frightening.

It’s pointless licensed Dark Horse comics.

Totally harmless.


Writer, John Arcudi; penciller, Jim Somerville; inker, Brian Garvey; colorist, Matt Webb; letterer, Richard Starkings; editor, Randy Stradley; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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