Suicide Squad 2 (December 2011)


Suicide Squad is still absolutely terrible, but it’s so much better this issue than the first.

And it surmounts the amazing art problems. It appears Federico Dallocchio and Andrei Bressan split the responsibilities, as the style changes drastically every couple pages. One is dark and ominous, the other is goofy and cartoony. The panels are awful to see.

And Deadshot’s new costume is ludicrous.

But Glass manages to move it along. He comes up with some surprises, though he clearly gets bored with a lot of his cast. King Shark or whatever doesn’t even need to be in the comic, since Glass doesn’t know how to do comic relief. He also doesn’t make Deadshot a strong enough team leader.

But, like I said, it’s a lot better than the first issue. At this rate, by issue fifty-two, it might even be mediocre.

Okay, maybe not. Maybe by issue 152.


When the Levee Breaks; writer, Adam Glass; artists, Federico Dallocchio and Andrei Bressan; colorists, Val Staples, Allen Passalaqu and Hi-Fi; letterer, Jared K. Fletcher; editors, Sean Mackiewicz and Pat McCallum; publisher, DC Comics.

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