Swamp Thing 55 (December 1986)


The issue’s not in the pay-off. The pay-off is great, sure, but the issue is often disconnected from it. Moore’s writing Swamp Thing’s memorial–complete with guest spots from the Phantom Stranger and Constantine and, especially, a slightly mischievous and pervy Boston Brand.

But it’s not a recap of the series to date, even though most of the remaining cast members make an appearance of some kind or another, or even a hint of what’s to come.

Had this issue been the final Swamp Thing, Moore would have taken it out on a glorious note. One can nearly hear Also Sprach Zarathustra playing for the finish… it’s cinematic, but Moore wraps it all together through Abby.

And Abby’s the center of the issue. It’s not about Swamp Thing’s death, it’s about her loss.

Veitch, in his most ambitious issue so far, does a lot and does it well.

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