Ultimate Spider-Man 35 (March 2003)


Bendis compresses about two years of eighties Spider-Man comics into this issue. Peter likes the black costume, he goes on varied night out of crime fighting, then discovers the costume’s dark side and zaps himself with electricity. The zap causes the suit to release him.

He ends the issue passed out, in a painful coincidence, on his parents’ grave. Someone should have thought about it–either Bendis or Bagley–because it’s a family plot and there’s no room for May.

Otherwise, the issue’s quite good. Peter’s in Manhattan for most of it (I think) and Bagley gives it an almost quaint, movie set feel. It works though, because it keeps the events relatively grounded.

Bendis’s narration is well-paced with all of Peter’s personal observations and he and Bagley get away with a big surprise in the appearance of the traditional Venom.

It’s good work; this arc’s surprisingly impressive.

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