Ultimate Spider-Man 51 (February 2004)


Mark Bagely’s attempts at drawing sexy, scantily clad women–Elektra and Black Cat–are mildly disturbing. He’s not good at it; he’s also not good at designing their Ultimate costumes. Visually, this issue is atrocious.

As for the story, it’s not bad. Bendis is clearly setting up throughout the issue–a big fight between the three–and everything else seems back burner. Even Mary Jane and Peter, which Bendis does cover… but he gives it less space than the Black Cat stuff.

For example, the opening scene bringing the Kingpin into the story is totally useless. It’s filler. Ultimate Spider-Man probably would be a lot better if it weren’t for the double issue months. Bendis might figure out his story.

There’s a lot of potential in the Black Cat meeting though, because Bendis still writes Peter well. Hopefully, he won’t disappoint in the plotting.

But that Bagley art’s gross.

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