Prophet 25 (May 2012)

Prophet #25

Graham seems overjoyed to knock the reader’s expectations for Prophet around each issue. This one, with Giannis Milonogiannis on that art, changes things up once again.

It’s entirely possible Graham and company might have hit on their actual plot, but after two or three change-ups–I can’t even remember how many it’s been–I imagine most readers would be cautious.

Here’s the great thing though.

It doesn’t matter.

I don’t care if Graham changes it up every two or three issues, because each issue is this fantastic comic book. Milonogiannis’s artwork isn’t the best the series has seen, but it’s quite good. His rough on the people–a bunch of other John Prophets–but his alien world work is outstanding. And the ending is a big surprise.

Graham creates these intricate situations, only the decimate them for effect.

I love it.

Teran’s initiate back-up returns with decent success.



Prophet; writers, Brandon Graham, Giannis Milonogiannis and Simon Roy; artist, Milonogiannis; colorist, Joseph Bergin III; letterer, Ed Brisson. initiate, Part Two; writer, artist, colorist and letterer, Frank Teran. Editor, Eric Stephenson; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. I’d like to bring to the forefront as a creator Joseph Bergin’s colors, as well. In this asshat era of unlimited undisciplined photoshop palettes, the amount of depth and tone he achieves with the simplest amount of color is fascinating. Some huge panel pages and double spreads have no more than two or three colors, but exhibit a great amount of complexity. The fact that they also contribute to the overall atmosphere of Prophet is the feather in the cap. Long live Prophet!

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