Scalped 48 (June 2011)


I’m fairly impressed… Aaron tries for another concept issue and he actually succeeds. It’s a fractured narrative with Dash in the center of it, playing him off Lincoln, Catcher and Nitz, all at different time periods–in fact, it’s unclear where the cliffhanger fits.

Some of Aaron’s success with it might have to do with Dash as a character. Forty-eight issues into the series, Aaron knows he can’t possibly have Dash be a decent human being and have anyone believe it. So all he has to do is set up a problem where Dash can still be a twit and make all the steps through it be complex enough it rewards the reader.

Guera’s art seems a little off though. The issue starts on the wrong foot with a full page close-up of Dash. Guera’s too hurried, his details lacking.

But it’s the best issue of the arc.


You Gotta Sin To Get Saved, Part Four of Five, Are You Honest Enough to Live Outside the Law?; writer, Jason Aaron; artist, R.M. Guera; colorist, Giulia Brusco; letterer, Sal Cipriano; editors, Mark Doyle and Will Dennis; publisher, Vertigo.


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