Wasteland 3 (February 1988)

This issue’s a major disappointment. Okay, maybe not major, but definitely a disappointment. There’s not a single good story in it.

The first story is Close and Ostrander riffing a little on Harvey Pekor with “American Squalor.” The Simpson art is good, the visual presentation of the anecdote is okay… it’s just not a particularly good anecdote. It’s easily the best story in the issue.

The second story–Ostrander writing, Lloyd on art–looks fine. World-weary cop navigates the Hellish urban metropolis while questioning faith. It’s predictable and unoriginal. Ostrander never comes up with a single good, fresh moment. Never even approaches one.

He and Close reteam for the final story. It’s a first person serial killer one. Very risqué, if one’s trying to do a cologne ad yuppie as a serial killer. Freeman’s art is highly stylized, but technically competent.

The issue’s a waste of time and talent.


American Squalor; writers, Del Close and John Carpenter; artist and letterer, Don Simpson. Dies Illa; writers, Ostrander and Close; artist, David Lloyd; letterer, Steve Craddock. Lotus Blossom; writers, Ostrander and Close; artist, George Freeman; letterer, Ron Muns. Colorist, Lovern Kindzierski; editor, Mike Gold; publisher, DC Comics.


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