Wasteland 5 (April 1988)


Ugh, another political story. This time it’s about U.S. imperialism leading to nuclear armageddon. Ostrander and Close are boring about, no real characters just vague anti-Reagan ramblings. Maybe if Simpson did a better job on the art. He lacks enthusiasm.

The second story, more of Close’s autobiographical work, is better. The setup doesn’t work and the ending is messy, but it’s definitely better. Though Messner-Loebs’s art is a little too hurried. There’s no rhythm between the art and the story; Close and Ostrander don’t write enough for the artist on it.

The third story’s phenomenal, however. Lloyd’s on the art. The story’s about Close and Ostrander brainstorming. It’s a funny recursive loop on their creative process with good cameos. The Lloyd art makes it a further joy, especially when the writers become stand-ins for DC’s Cain and Abel.

The issue’s a mixed bag, but ends strong.


This Time We Win!; writers, John Ostrander and Del Close; artist and letterer, Don Simpson. Under the Lash; writers, Close and Ostrander; artist and letterer, William Messner-Loebs. Big Crossover Issue; writers, Ostrander and Close; artist, David Lloyd; letterer, Steve Craddock. Colorist, Lovern Kindzierski; editor, Mike Gold; publisher, DC Comics.


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