Wasteland 6 (May 1988)

Thankfully sans politics again, this Wasteland is pretty good.

The first story, with Ostrander and Close scripting and Lloyd on art, is a tragic comedy. It follows a brawny actor with a dental condition as he tries to find respect for his craft. The Lloyd art is just fantastic, making up for the tepid finish.

The second story, with Messner-Loebs art, is a “real life” riff on Captain Marvel. It’s genially amusing–with great art–until the finish. Ostrander and Close go for a discreet, implied ending, but never lay the foundation for it. Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it gets a pass.

The final story is an autobiographical one from Close, but scripted only by Ostrander (with Freeman art). It’s an okay ghost story. It feels a lot like sixties Marvel horror–compelling situation and tone but not a lot of bite.

All together, a fine issue.


Method Actor; writers, Del Close and John Ostrander; artist and colorist, David Lloyd; letterer, Steve Craddock. Paper Hero; writers, Ostrander and Close; artist and letterer, William Messner-Loebs; colorist, Tom Ziuko. On the Road part 1 or How We Changed the Price of Whiskey at the Butterfly Mine #2 in West Virginia; writer, Ostrander; artist, George Freeman; colorist, Lovern Kindzierski; letterer, Ron Muns. Editor, Mike Gold; publisher, DC Comics.


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