Wasteland 7 (June 1988)


This issue’s a little indistinct. It opens with the conclusion to the theater company having trouble in the South story. It’s all wrap-up and exposition, which doesn’t make for the most interesting story. Freeman’s artwork is fine but not memorable at all. Ostrander inexplicably concentrates on the nostalgic elements.

The second story, with art from Lloyd–with shouldn’t be doing psychedelic art under any circumstances–is about a guy who trips to go save the world from DNA. There’s a setup for it and all, but it’s really loose work from Ostrander and Close.

I suppose the final story–Ostrander and Close again together, Simpson on art–has the most personality. It’s a genially cold hearted bit about a former circus worker who agrees the pet sit a giraffe. Simpson’s art is perfect for it, but the script confuses funny with mean-spirited.

The issue’s middling, but not bad.


On the Road part 2 or How We Changed the Price of Whiskey at the Butterfly Mine #2 in West Virginia; writer, John Ostrander; artist, George Freeman; colorist, Lovern Kindzierski; letterer, Ron Muns. Secret Lords of the DNA!; writers, Del Close and Ostrander; artist and colorist, David Lloyd; letterer, Steve Craddock. The St. Louis Electric Giraffe Caper!; writers, Close and Ostrander; artist and letterer, Don Simpson; colorist, Kindzierski. Editor, Mike Gold; publisher, DC Comics.


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