Wasteland 8 (July 1988)


This issue ends on a relative high point, which sort of disguises its otherwise stinky nature.

The first story, from Ostrander and Tom Artis, is about a husband suggesting to his wife he’s a serial killer. It’s mostly dialogue and Ostrander’s dialogue isn’t particularly special. Worse, Artis’s art is awful. The guy’s clearly not ready for Little League, much less DC.

The second story, with Messner-Loebs art, is a little better. Ostrander and Close have a bunch of references to classic detective stories–and Chinatown–and the concept’s mildly amusing. A synopsis might be a better read however. The art makes the story worthwhile.

The final story is more autobiography from Close (scripted by Ostrander). Simpson’s art’s never outstanding, but the story of an actor getting stoned on pain killers before working on the Blob sequel is funny. Ostrander does a much better job here pacing his scenes too.


Heebee Geebeeies; writer, John Ostrander; penciller, Tom Artis; inker, Tim Dzon; letterer, John Costanza. The Dead Detective; writers, Ostrander and Del Close; artist and letterer, William Messner-Loebs. The Eye, Like Some Strange Balloon; writers, Close and Ostrander; artist and letterer, Don Simpson. Colorist, Lovern Kindzierski; editor, Mike Gold; publisher, DC Comics.


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