Dream Thief 1 (May 2013)

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I’m not what I’m supposed to think of Dream Thief. Not to spoil too much but the protagonist kills his girlfriend–the day after cheating on her–because she’s just mistakenly killed someone she suspects of breaking into her house and tying her up and threatening to kill her.

It’s unclear if Jai Nitz wants the reader to identify with the guy. He’s a pothead piece of crap–also not sure if Nitz has ever smoked pot. Not a lot of potheads go out and plot major thefts. Pretty sure they don’t.

The art, from Greg Smallwood, is pretty darn good. It’s all realistic until the flashbacks and hallucinations, which he doesn’t do as well as the realistic stuff… but not bad.

At the end of this issue, it’s unclear how Nitz is going to approach the comic’s morality. As long as he makes a firm decision, it should work.


Writer, Jai Nitz; artist, colorist and letterer, Greg Smallwood; editor, Patrick Thorpe; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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