Ghosted 1 (July 2013)

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Joshua Williamson is one of those odd writers who are better with summary than are with actual scenes. It really shows when he’s doing a montage of his protagonist getting together a team of ghost hunters and thieves. They’re these little scenes, with just the right amount of information and personality.

He also does well with the protagonist narrating. The lead is a master thief. A rich guy breaks the lead out of prison to capture a ghost. The scenes where the rich guy lays out this scheme is painful. Williamson opens making Ghosted as real as possible–the unpleasantness of prison life–then brings in some supernatural ludicrousness.

The dialogue’s weak too, which doesn’t help the scenes.

Luckily, Goran Sudzuka’s strong art makes the whole thing pass. Even during the worst dialogue, Sudzuka’s doing something cool with the conversation.

Hopefully the writing gets better, but Sudzuka’s the essential here.


Writer, Joshua Williamson; artist, Goran Sudžuka; colorist, Miroslav Mrva; letterer, Rus Wooton; editor, Sean Mackiewicz; publisher, Image Comics.

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