The Man Called A-X 1 (October 1997)


The Man Called A-X is a strange and awful thing. It’s pronounced “A 10,” but “A ex.” I wasn’t sure it mattered, but then the hard cliffhanger reveals it does matter.

The comic is a near future thing with androids. Marv Wolfman definitely saw Universal Soldier. He tries to be very topical with the Gulf War veteran stuff, but he’s really just doing a rip-off of Blade Runner and, I don’t know, maybe Tron.

The book seemed interesting because it’s Shawn McManus on the art, but McManus doing glossy “gritty” nineties anti-superheroes isn’t the best use of his skills.

I think it’s supposed to be like Lobo. I don’t know. It’s too pointless and bad to keep going. But I should point out McManus is at least competent on the art, Wolfman’s writing is horrendous. It’s either overwritten exposition or laughable first person.

It’s really dreadful stuff.


A-Ten; writer, Marv Wolfman; artist, Shawn McManus; colorist, Ian Laughlin; letterer, Kurt Hathaway; editor, Peter Tomasi; publisher, DC Comics.

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