Collider 1 (September 2013)

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I’m really impressed. I’d never heard of Simon Oliver or Robbie Rodriguez until I looked back to the title page after finishing this first issue of Collider.

They do good work.

The series takes place in a universe where the laws of physics have suffered some kind of damage. The lead is a hotshot agent who fixes the resulting tears. This issue shows a disturbance where an area loses gravity.

So there are these funny moments with people or objects floating, but then the action crisis when the agents are trying to fix it.

Rodriguez handles both beautifully. There’s a real energy with his panels, his transitions between them are fantastic.

Oliver writes excellent dialogue–he’s already nicely established the lead’s friendship with another agent. He’s consistently unpredictable… Until the last two pages, when he has to set up his subplot and then put in a cliffhanger.

Still, it’s great.


The Paradigm Shift, Part One; writer, Simon Oliver; penciller, Robbi Rodriguez; colorist, Rcio Renzi; letterer, Steve Wands; editors, Sara Miller and Mark Doyle; publisher, Vertigo.

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