The Boys 44 (July 2010)


I was going to comment on how different Robertson’s art looks, but it’s Russ Braun, not Robertson.

Braun does a good job too, except Tony Avina’s colors do way too much, putting in cheekbones and the like.

Ennis finally has a go at religion this time–corporate “700 Club” type religion, with some Scientology digs thrown in, all tied into the superhero thing. It’s a funny opening sequence, then it turns into a plot point for Annie.

Meanwhile, there’s tension between Mother’s Milk and Butcher, Hughie in the dark about some things, Annie deciding he shouldn’t be in the dark… Not to mention the Homelander apparently on the way to a meltdown.

It’s a fast read, but a full issue. Instead of putting things off, Ennis finally seems ready to move ahead with his long gestating plots. Maybe having Braun on the book got him moving.

Great soft cliffhanger too.


Believe, Part One; writer, Garth Ennis; artist, Russ Braun; colorist, Tony AviƱa; letterer, Simon Bowland; editor, Joseph Rybandt; publisher, Dynamite Entertainment.

Fatale 16 (August 2013)

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Definitely some Lowlife undertones. Brubaker’s shockingly frank about how Jo’s presence destroys the failed band members.

But all that destruction comes later. Brubaker opens with how Jo unknowingly created a serial killer out of some kid she once treated nicely. He’s never really looked at the long term effects of her presence, but here he’s loosing her not just in a closed environment (it’s almost like The Thing) while also examining her varied admirers.

Meanwhile, Jo herself has amnesia and has all of a sudden become a muse for this failed grunge band. He’s turned Singles into a horror movie while marrying it to a serial killer picture. There’s none of the Cthulhu stuff this issue, which might be why he has so much room for the rest of it.

There’s a lot of great art from Phillips–seeing a happy Jo is a strange thing.

Fatale’s an excellent comic.


Writer, Ed Brubaker; artist, Sean Phillips; colorist, Elizabeth Breitweiser; publisher, Image Comics.

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