The Gathering 14 (2012)

V14 323x500

The Infinite Abyss clearly refers to happiness and joy, because there are no upbeat stories in this black and white horror compilation and only a few with any humor.

Marc Lomardi and Leonardo Gonzalez do have a great punchline in their zombie story and Tatiana Christian and Courtney Thomas are occasionally humorous in their story of soul-sucking mirrors… but otherwise, the jokes are just mean-spirited.

The mean-spirited nature eventually makes it hard to read the comic. It’s just too much in a row; awful, awful thing after awful thing. Jason Snyder and Mikey Sumski’s “wouldn’t it be neat to be a serial killer” is maybe the most off-putting just for their idolization of their lead. Erica J. Heflin and Amanda Rachels, on the other hand, just have super disturbing content.

Some of the stories remind of classic horror comics. Others are just repugnant for repugnance’s sake.



Prepared; writer, Marc Lombardi; artist, Leonardo Gonzalez; letterer, Erica J. Heflin. Doppleganger; writer, Tatiana Christian; artist and letterer, Courtney Thomas. The Devil & Bobby Jones; writer, Brad Nelson; artist, Brian Defferding. Portrait of a Serial Killer; writer, Jason Snyder; artist, Mikey Sumski. Bump in the Night; writer, Ray Goldfield; artist, Chris Page; letterer, Heflin. The Outsider; writer, Arcadio Bolaños; artist, Juan Alarcón. The Tunnel Home; writer, Jon Westhoff; artist, Bobgar Ornelas. Undead Again; writer, Matthew Louden; artist, Jazel Riley. The Glass Eye; writer, Erica J. Heflin; artist, Amanda Rachels. Hospital Visit; writer, Glenn Matchett; artist and letterer, George Amaru. Preserved; writer, Elena Andrews; artist, David Aspmo. Editors, Matchett and Andrew Foltez; publisher, GrayHaven Comics.

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  1. Just happened to stumble upon this review and saw that this older issue was being reviewed. I’m the writer of “Portrait of a Serial Killer,” which you mentioned in the above review. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t care for the story. While it’s not necessarily a tone that I usually like to utilize on a regular basis, we did our best to fit the proposed tone of the issue. Yes, it was meant to be disturbing (only in that we, as law-abiding citizens, should view any of those acts as depraved), but it wasn’t meant to seem like the character in that story was being idolized; far from it, actually. The story was meant to ape shows like Criminal Minds or movies like Kiss the Girls and get into the mind of the killer, psychoanalyze the thoughts that go through his mind (you can blame that on my psychology background, if you want). Obviously, we don’t expect that to be everyone’s cup of tea.

    Regardless (and I’m sure that I speak for all of the creators who contributed to the book), thank you for the time that you took to read the issue. I do encourage you, however, not to let that one issue sour you on the GrayHaven books or that one story to deter you from checking out Mike and my other work. In fact, if you like something more lighthearted, I do encourage you to check out our webcomic HORNTOAD SAM, which is a humor comic strip. It’s posted weekly and bi-weekly on the GrayHaven site: (which is currently re-releasing the strips from the very beginning), as well as weekly on the Horntoad Sam blog:

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