Sheltered 2 (August 2013)

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Have to say, this issue moves way, way, way too fast.

Brisson fleshes out the two fugitive girls–Hailey and something else, I can’t remember if Hailey’s the lead or the friend even (Brisson doesn’t make the names distinctive enough). He does a good job with them. They’re basically in an action issue, but there’s enough emotion.

Unfortunately, Brisson doesn’t spend anywhere near as much time establishing the bad guy. There’s some development for the bad guy’s stooges… but the bad guy himself? He comes off as pure evil.

A lot of Christmas’s art is excellent this issue. He keeps up the action pacing, he draws a mean survivalist camp in the snow too. Sheltered definitely looks good through its twenty-some pages. It just reads in about three minutes.

Brisson is already starting to show some of his hand; I just hope it’s not as slight as it looks.


Writer and letterer, Ed Brisson; artist, Johnnie Christmas; colorist, Shari Chankhamma; editor, Paul Allor; publisher, Image Comics.

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