Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday (2007)

Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday is Alex Cox’s sequel to his film, Repo Man. However, Cox did not intend to do a comic sequel, he intended to do a film sequel and turned his film script into a comic book (with help from artist Chris Bones).

Now, Bones does do some great work here. Waldo is one crazy looking comic book, but Bones is referencing all sorts of punk and underground art and Cox’s script is all about trying to be a sellout when no one wants to hire any more sellouts.

But Cox and Bones play most of this subplot out in montage and Cox doesn’t seem to understand a movie montage works completely different than the four similar panels on one page thing Bones is doing. Cox doesn’t get–or maybe doesn’t care (he didn’t pursue Waldo as a graphic novel)–how to pace out a comic book. He’s not in the same control of timing, which makes Waldo a fast, if sometimes interesting read. It just isn’t compelling after the initial buzz wears off… not to mention Cox paces the third act terribly for the comic medium. I completely missed the story was supposed to be building to something….

Also strange is how much Cox has the protagonist talk. He’s supposed to be Emilio Estevez from Repo Man, who didn’t talk in lengthy paragraph monologues.

While Bones’s art is good, if the Waldo comic’s any indication… I’m actually kind of glad Cox was never able to film this one.


Writer, Alex Cox; artist, Chris Bones; colorist, Justin Randall; publisher, Gestalt Publishing.

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