Sheltered 3 (September 2013)

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Brisson finally gets around to the fact kids are dumb in this issue of Sheltered. It starts with one of the teenagers coming across two younger kids eating up cereal they weren’t rationed. Turns into a fight. Sadly, it doesn’t really go anywhere else because Brisson has to get to the A plot of the issue.

Now, the issue takes place over a couple hours at most. One of the lead girls–one drawback to these short present action issues is their names don’t stick–gets into it with the leader of the cult. Why did he decide they had to kill their parents? Because he’s a moron kid reading conspiracy newsletters about Yellowstone erupting. Absolutely hilarious and tragic scene.

Christmas’s art has some perspective problems during the indoor scenes–rooms are just way too big–but it’s still fine. Sheltered could be better, but it’s still pretty darn good.


Writer and letterer, Ed Brisson; artist, Johnnie Christmas; colorist, Shari Chankhamma; editor, Paul Allor; publisher, Image Comics.

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