Dream Thief 5 (September 2013)


Nitz and Smallwood do the improbable–they close off Dream Thief all right. It’s a difficult proposition because Nitz has been running the series episodically and he’s only got one issue to wrap everything up. Most of the previous issues have nothing to do with this one, except their subplots.

How does he do it? He sort of runs head first into it–and doesn’t give his protagonist (whose name is John, which is probably why I never remember it) any possession arc. He’s just got to explain himself and problem solve as he finds out there are more dream thieves than he thought.

Not a lot of questions get answered and the finish is way too quick, but it’s a satisfying conclusion. Smallwood’s art is oddly cheery in a lot of places.

It might help the issue ends with a promise of a second volume, which is welcome news.


Writer, Jai Nitz; artist, colorist and letterer, Greg Smallwood; editors, Everett Patterson and Patrick Thorpe; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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  1. “It might help the issue ends with a promise of a second volume, which is welcome news.”

    WELCOME NEWS? Man, I just about pooped in my pants when I saw this. Can’t wait for another chapter of one of the most succesful comics of 2013!

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