Ultimate Spider-Man 1 (October 2009)

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Oh, well. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Bendis starts off the second volume of Ultimate Spider-Man flashing forward six months. Guess he watched “Veronica Mars” too, down to Veronica–sorry, sorry, Peter–dating Gwen Stacy now. Where’s Mary Jane? Well, she’s alive because she’s still on the high school’s news channel, but Bendis is making the reader wait on that one.

The actual story, not Bendis hiding stuff for effect, is Mysterio showing up and killing Kingpin. Bendis is trying to make Ultimate Mysterio a lot tougher than Kevin Smith left regular Marvel Mysterio. It’s interesting, I guess. Bendis never could make his villains work over long periods; killing them is a good idea.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to it because Bendis is doing the gimmick–he’s deceiving the reader instead of telling a story.

Also not getting why David Lafuente’s supposed to be so impressive. Not at all.


The New World According to Peter Parker, Part One; writer, Brian Michael Bendis; artist, David Lafuente; colorist, Justin Ponsor; letterer, Cory Petit; editors, Lauren Sankovitch and Mark Paniccia; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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