Ghosted 4 (October 2013)

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And now we get to the double-crosses; sort of. Williamson tries to make a big deal out of one character’s “out of character” actions, but she then proceeds to explain to the stunned cast why her actions make total sense.

So not much of a double-cross.

There are some surprises, however, and a handful of interesting implications about characters’ motives. All while there are finally ghosts in Ghosted, lots of them. While Williamson isn’t treading water as far as the story goes, he’s definitely dragging scenes out. He uses the ghosts as candy at the end of one long scene or another. It’s all buildup for the big reveals next issue; Williamson really could have done this story in three issues….

Especially since he reduces his characters to caricatures this issue.

Still, the series still has some leftover good will going.

And very nice art from Sudzžuka too.


Writer, Joshua Williamson; artist, Goran Sudžuka; colorist, Miroslav Mrva; letterer, Rus Wooton; editor, Sean Mackiewicz; publisher, Image Comics.

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