Rocket Girl 1 (October 2013)

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Rocket Girl is awesomely high concept. In 2013, there are flying cars, teenage police with rocket packs, a blissful future world. Why 2013? Because, if my read of writer Brandon Montclare’s implications are right, someone in the future (past 2013) went back to 1986 and gave some well meaning scientists future tech.

But all that stuff is just the background; it’s also about the lead character–who has the distressingly lame future name (for a white kid) of Dayoung–getting stuck in 1986 trying to fix the future and put it back the way it’s supposed to be. But she’s also a cop with a rocket pack so she’s out fighting eighties New York crime.

With Amy Reeder’s art, which does just as well futuristic and not, and Montclare’s inventive script, this first issue is a great success. It certainly seems like they’ll be able to carry it on too.


Times Squared; writer, Brandon Montclare; artist and colorist, Amy Reeder; publisher, Image Comics.

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