Resident Alien 2 (June 2012)


Hogan does flashbacks–three of them. First to Harry arriving on Earth and outfitting himself at a mall; it’s a cute little sequence. Parkhouse drawing a mall is really entertaining for whatever reason.

Then there’s a flashback to his home planet and his girl. It fits in the story, amid another reminiscence of the past.

The last flashback has the men in black in it. Hogan is ramping up the possibility Harry will be discovered; it’s the issue’s main subplot. The murder investigations are the primary, with a lot going on–oddly, the sheriff doesn’t get enough page time at all. Hogan seems to realize it and give him a moment.

Asta, the nurse, mostly runs the subplot. Turns out she realizes she’s not seeing his real appearance. The only misstep is Hogan writing it off to Native American mysticism; it’s easy, but still a good scene.

A fine issue.


Writer, Peter Hogan; artist, colorist and letterer, Steve Parkhouse; editor, Philip R. Simon; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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