Coffin Hill 3 (February 2014)

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It’s getting bad how often the art is falling off after the first issue or two in Vertigo series now. Coffin Hill falls victim to the same thing. Miranda is letting the colorist do way too much shading on the faces and also getting way too loose on the lines. It’s occasionally an ugly comic to read. It should be unpleasant, it’s a horror book, but it should never be ugly.

As for the story, Kittredge does okay, not great. There’s a lot of new characters and a lot more setup of the plot. It feels jumbled and hurried, especially how Eve does the investigating. Kittredge wastes pages too, with romance and family stuff. She goes for big events to make people memorable as opposed to gradually introducing things for later on.

If the art gets any worse, Kittredge might not be able to save the series. It’s too bad.



A Fitting Grave; writer, Caitlin Kittredge; artist, Inaki Miranda; colorist, Eva De La Cruz; letterer, Travis Lanham; editors, Sara Miller and Shelly Bond; publisher, Vertigo.

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  1. This may lend further credence to our theory about initial pitches getting turned into reg. series too quickly. the artist is definitely suffering from deadline stress here as little of the detail or interesting panel arrangements are here where they were common in the first issue. Hopefully, the Vertigo line may help nurture a series before it becomes prime time.

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