C.O.W.L. 1 (May 2014)

C.O.W.L. #1

There’s something really neat about C.O.W.L.. Writers Kyle Higgins and Alex Siegel don’t mess around with the setting–it’s early sixties Chicago and there’s a unionized team of superheroes defending the city. But it’s less a superhero comic than a police procedural.

For example, there’s not a lot of emphasis on explaining the characters’ powers. Artist Rod Reis does an awesome, probably digital paint thing, and his panels move fast. There’s no time to waste with exposition about who can do what. Higgins and Siegel seem happy to let the reader figure out the powers when needed, but just to fill pages.

The issue jumps around a lot, from the costumed heroes to the plainclothes ones, and it all has to do with this one case. So there’s that procedural aspect.

There are way too many balls in the air at the end of the issue, but it’s definitely impressive stuff.


Principles of Power, Chapter One: Motivation; writers, Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel; artist, Rod Reis; letterer, Troy Peteri; editor, Andy Schmidt; publisher, Image Comics.

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