Letter 44 2 (November 2012)

Letter 44 #2

Soule ups 44 this issue. He's got the same breakdown as far as plot–it's between the President and the shuttle crew, with digressions on both. There are also personalities popping up on the crew, which is very nice and rather well-handled. Soule doesn't go for stereotypes, especially not with the military guys.

Also not with the President. Letter 44 has some thinly veiled comparisons to Bush and Obama, with the Bush stand-in being the guy previous President who made the decision to bankrupt the country to prepare for alien invasion. Whether there will be Obama comparisons with drone warfare and so on remains to be seen, but the President of Letter 44 is one of the more intriguing characters because Soule continually makes him contradictory.

The only problem with this issue, which is fantastic otherwise, is Alburquerque's art. He confuses lots of lines with detail. It gets annoying real fast.



Writer, Charles Soule; penciller, Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque; colorist, Guy Major; letterer, Shawn DePasquale; editor, Jill Beaton; publisher, Oni Press.

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