Ordinary 1 (June 2014)

Ordinary #1

I can’t imagine how Rob Williams and D’Israeli are going to maintain on Ordinary. Actually, let me amend that statement–D’Israeli will maintain just fine. Doing a story about people getting fantastical powers and sometimes not fantastical powers, but always visually interesting ones… Well, it’s got to be a fanciful artist’s dream job.

But Williams might have some problems.

Here’s the setup–likable loser Michael (bad dad, bad friend, bad ex-husband, smalltime crook, owes loan sharks) is the only person not effected when the world goes mystical. Everyone gets crazy powers or crazy experiences. Williams and D’Israeli deserve recognition for the wonderful stuff they come up with in the backgrounds too.

But there’s a story. Michael is trying to find his missing son and Michael is the only one not effected. He’s on a quest. There are many narrative perils ahead. I hope Williams can steer clear of them.



Writer, Rob Williams; artist, D’Israeli; editor, Steve White; publisher, Titan Comics.

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