Stray Bullets 41 (March 2014)

Stray Bullets #41

This issue is about eight years late. Maybe eight years and a month.

Is it the comic Lapham always intended to tell? Who knows. Who cares.

It ends with Virginia okay and heading out into the world because she can’t lead a regular life. I don’t care if I spoiled it. I won’t spoil how the whole kidnapping thing comes to a conclusion because it’s not worth talking about. Lapham has his chance a few times in that scene to do something good and he doesn’t.

But at the end, and here’s another spoiler, Virginia gets it on with Leon. She loves the kid, he loves her. Lapham’s spent this series showing women getting beaten, raped, murdered. It’s the first time there’s some romantic love in this comic in many issues and more years.

And he skips it.

He tries some earnest sentimentality at the end, but he’s faking it.



Hi-Jinks!; writer, artist, and letterer, David Lapham; editor, Maria Lapham; publisher, Image Comics.

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