Firestorm, The Nuclear Man 3 (May 1978)

Firestorm, The Nuclear Man #3

I don’t know how best to make the remark without it sounding like a slight but McLeod inks the heck out of Milgrom’s pencils this issue. There are maybe two questionable panels, otherwise the art is first-rate.

And it’s first-rate art on an excellent comic. Conway doesn’t do a direct sequel to the previous issue, he jumps ahead a bit and starts with Firestorm being juvenile. There’s a lot in the issue about the dynamic between Ronnie and the Professor when it comes to being Firestorm and the maturity required for it (Conway wants to say the great power line and does come close).

There’s also quite a bit with Professor Stein on his own, which is cool. And the villain introduced is Killer Frost. I should have punned.

No, I shouldn’t have.

The issue’s very strong thanks to the emphasis on Stein and the villain. Very strong.



Kiss Not The Lips of Killer Frost; writer, Gerry Conway; penciller, Al Milgrom; inker, Bob McLeod; colorist, Mario Sen; letterer, Ben Oda; editor, Jack C. Harris; publisher, DC Comics.

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