The Mice Templar 2 (November 2007)

The Mice Templar #2

There’s a lot of information in this issue. There’s a recap of the last issue and there’s a big history lesson of the Mice Templar world. That history lesson is rather confusing. Glass brings in a lot of names and ideas–the Oeming art is really good for these sequences. But it’s still a long history lesson.

The comic now follows a young novice and his mentor. I can’t remember the names. They’re mice, obviously. Glass does a great job with the kid, who’s trying to deal with the death of his friends and family and the enslavement of his townspeople. The comic tracks the two of them on their journey. There’s a little about the new settings, but never too much

Glass and Oeming are clearly invested in Templar. The enthusiasm wouldn’t be enough but Glass has that strong character development and excellent plotting going too.

It’s impressive stuff.



The Prophecy, Part Two: In the Beginning…; writers, Michael Avon Oeming and Bryan J.L. Glass; artist, Oeming; colorists, Wil Quintana and Cris Peter; letterer, James H. Glass; editors, Judy Glass and Will Swyer; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. Our letterer had never lettered before. #2 revealed he was using too large a font. This was my fault…

    Pilot is a “con man” so he’s excessively verbose, and pages printed were overloaded with text. Issues 1-2 fixed for TP.

    The “dream sequence/history lesson” was scripted silently. I wanted 7-8 pages of bizarre imagery to be unraveled later.

    But when lettering, I balked. I thought this was a chance to reinforce the mythology of our world, except the history lesson backfired: too much for issue #2. Almost removed for TP but kept because pacing is different.

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