Winterworld 1 (June 2014)

Winterworld #1

Winterworld is about some guy who has a teenage girl sidekick in a post-apocalyptic frozen wasteland.

Writer Chuck Dixon has a very strange approach to the plotting–every scene is a glimpse of a full scene without any real transition between them. It reads like it’s on fast forward. Luckily, Dixon has Butch Guice on the art and it doesn’t matter how fast it reads, Guice’s panels are gorgeous.

Particularly great are the frozen battleship and then a chase sequence where the protagonists are on the run from some bad guys on motorcycles. Maybe it’s like The Road Warrior but who knows because Dixon doesn’t spend time on anyone but the leads. And all they do is bicker and try to survive.

The surviving stuff isn’t particularly interesting; the bickering passes the conversations. Dixon can write so maybe the pacing’s intentional. Or he just knows Guice will carry it.



Writer, Chuck Dixon; artist, Butch Guice; colorist, Diego Rodriguez; letterer, Robbie Robbins; editor, David Hedgecock; publisher, IDW Publishing.

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