The Mice Templar 6 (October 2008)

The Mice Templar #6

What an issue. In hindsight, it should have seemed unlikely Glass was going to be able to wrap anything up while setting up for the next Mice Templar series.

He does not get much wrapped up. He does, however, introduce the new status quo for the series–Karic under the mentorship of Cassius, who does not like the lad one bit. And this relationship is where Glass is setting up the series for some interesting problems–Cassius doesn’t believe Karic is Neo, but the reader knows Karic is Neo thanks to the visions.

There hasn’t really been any setup for hallucinations or visions, meaning Karic seeing the great owl god has to be taken at face value. Maybe. It’s hard to say, but it certainly seems likely.

Glass also takes time to work with the coming villains in the capital. Those scenes are good.

The issue’s just too busy without much impact.



The Prophecy, Part Six: The Symbol; writers, Michael Avon Oeming and Bryan J.L. Glass; artist, Oeming; colorist, Wil Quintana; letterer, James H. Glass; editors, Judy Glass and Will Swyer; publisher, Image Comics.

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