Trees 2 (June 2014)

Trees #2

Oh, good, even when Ellis is doing better, he still feels the need to write dialogue about good coffee. I guess he’s assuming his audience has no longer seen Pulp Fiction or “Twin Peaks” or lived through the nineties and the litany of good coffee references in popular media.

Needless to say, the biggest surprise in this issue of Trees is when Ellis is original. Oh, the remix of other stuff is moderately successful–I’m really hoping it all ends up being dead people living on Earth and living people in the trees, like a “Lost” thing–but it’s not original. And the stuff with the South American small-time gang is just terrible.

But the Somalian president being an economist trying to survive in a world with the natural resources getting messed up? That bit is cool.

The Jason Howard art continues to impress and the Ellis writing doesn’t offend too much.



Writer, Warren Ellis; artist, Jason Howard; letterer, Fonografiks; publisher, Image Comics.

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