Ordinary 2 (July 2014)

Ordinary #2

I’m a little surprised how well x and y hold Ordinary together for the second issue. There are almost no pitfalls, which is something considering the big change in reality is gearing up to be a dream or the end of the world.

Hopefully, x won’t try to explain it. He does bring in the scientist to try to figure out what to do–which is difficult because of the fundamentalist vice-president who doesn’t want to do anything about everyone all of a sudden being magical.

X writes the government crisis scenes well. They remind more of Dr. Strangelove than anything else.

Meanwhile the protagonist is still trying to find his son and having little adventures along the way. They’re all disturbing, even the big musical number. X and y do a great job with that musical number.

Only the hard cliffhanger feels off; it’s too much implied danger.



Writer, Rob Williams; artist, D’Israeli; editor, Steve White; publisher, Titan Comics.

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