Brass Sun 1 (May 2014)

Brass Sun #1

Brass Sun is incredibly problematic. I don’t think I’ve read such a spotty first issue in a while, particularly one where the writer–Ian Edginton–just keeps going and going until he makes the narrative connect. And it takes this issue a long time, until the last fourth.

The comic is collected from 2000 AD, which probably explains a lot of the disjointed nature of the narrative. Then there’s the art–I.N.J. Culbard’s art seems more appropriate for black and white than color. I’m pretty sure AD is still black and white.

There’s too much exposition, not enough tone, Edginton awkwardly establishes the characters–the problems go on and on and they’re very obviously the fault of the packaging. So when Edginton finally gets to something effective and it’s good, it seems really good. It redeems the issue.

The plot itself is vaguely unoriginal but I’m hoping the uptick will continue.



Writer, Ian Edginton; artist, I.N.J. Culbard; letterer, Ellie De Ville; editor, Matt Smith; publisher, Rebellion.

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