Brass Sun 2 (June 2014)

Brass Sun #2

Culbard’s art continues to be a problem when it comes to people. I spent half the issue wondering about the evil old maid lady who turned out to be some guy. Worse, there’s not enough of the scenery for Culbard’s strengths to make up for his weaknesses.

But this issue of Brass Sun reveals more problems than just the art. Once again, the format–a collection of previously anthologized short pieces–is severely hampering the narrative flow. It starts and stops all throughout and, by the end of the comic, which has maybe one page in thirty-some where Edginton spends any time on character development, it’s just too thin.

The concept isn’t particularly original; it’s not steampunk because it’s too grandiose with a mechanized solar system. However to describe it, Edginton isn’t spending time in the right places–like on his protagonists.

Sun is dwindling by the end here.



Writer, Ian Edginton; artist, I.N.J. Culbard; letterer, Ellie De Ville; editor, Matt Smith; publisher, Rebellion.

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