Lazarus 9 (July 2014)

Lazarus #9

You know, I can’t remember the last time I’ve liked a comic plot–along with how things turn out for the characters–but not liked the comic itself. Until today.

Rucka has been making leaps and bounds improvements with Lazarus and they sort of culminate here… at least in terms of character development. The lousy narrative structure of this issue? It’s a regression. It’s practically an all action issue, but not really. Rucka opens with a sword duel flashback and it’s pretty art from Lark but it’s not worth the pages. Those pages would have been better spent towards the end in the present action, making the action scenes there resonate better.

There’s also the missed opportunity to better bring together the arc’s various characters.

Again, it’s a fulfilling issue for a reader in terms of narrative progression, it’s just a mess of a comic. Very awkward to talk about.



Lift, Part Five; writer, Greg Rucka; artists and letterers, Michael Lark and Brian Level; colorist, Santiago Arcas; editor, David Brothers; publisher, Image Comics

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