The Field 3 (July 2014)

The Field #3

This issue feels incomplete. Not just because of Brisson’s plotting, but also because of the lack of grandiose art. While Roy gets to go crazy a few times, it’s always reserved in terms of space. For instance, the decapitations don’t get the page time they deserve.

Brisson saves himself time for the big revelation and it’s fine enough. It’s an easy one, just because it sounds vaguely plausible but it’s a familiar enough trope. It’s effective too. Easy and effective, but it takes Brisson page after page to get all the exposition done. Those pages are talking heads and who wants talking heads when Roy’s more than capable of going fully nuts on the art.

And, given certain aspects of the revelation, it seems like it’s coming a little late. In the third of four issues, there’s only so much time left for Brisson to play.

The issue’s too slight.



Writer and letterer, Ed Brisson; artist, Simon Roy; colorist, Simon Gough; publisher, Image Comics.

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