Spread 1 (July 2014)

Spread #1

So what’s the Spread? Well, the monster in Spread is a mix of The Thing and maybe Crossed. It killing you turns you into a shape-shifting zombie monster. But the hero of Spread is a mix of Lone Wolf (with the requisite messiah baby for Cub) and Wolverine. Except, of course, Wolverine’s already a riff on Lone Wolf.

In other words, there’s nothing much original in Spread. It’s possible writer Justin Jordan thinks using an unexpected narrator is fresh, except for, you know, The Road Warrior. But it’s not a bad remixing of old material. The art from Kyle Strahm is awesome. Some of the unoriginal elements might even be his fault, not Jordan’s.

All together, they don’t add up to much. The post-apocalyptic setting isn’t compelling; everyone has those. The anti-hero hero? Everyone’s got those too.

While Strahm’s art recommends Spread, it doesn’t make it worthwhile.



Writer, Justin Jordan; artist, Kyle Strahm; colorist, Felipe Sobreiro; letterer, Crank!; publisher, Image Comics.

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