Nailbiter 3 (July 2014)

Nailbiter #3

No, really, where’s the rest of the comic?

Williamson is only a few issues in with Nailbiter and he’s already losing some of the sensationalism. Instead of outrageous characters, he’s going for outrageous acts. But not even startling outrageous acts, just kind of average ones. Like there are these constant brownouts in the city and a serial killer pops in and out during one of them.

Sadly, Henderson composes the sequence in a long distance profile, which isn’t the best way to get tension going. Maybe that lack of tension is the problem–Nailbiter seems too safe. Even though I think someone else died this issue. It’s a little unclear.

There are a lot of scenes, but none really stick out, which is another problem. Henderson doesn’t have the space to make the town into a character this issue; Williamson is just moving too fast.

He needs to luxuriate some more.


Writer, Joshua Williamson; artist, Mike Henderson; colorist, Adam Guzowski; letterer, John J. Hill; editor, Rob Levin; publisher, Image Comics.

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