Ms. Marvel 6 (September 2014)

Ms. Marvel #6

New artist Jacob Wyatt comes in just in time for Wilson to find–or find again–Ms. Marvel’s awesome.

Wilson doesn’t appear to be changing anything to right the series’s course, she’s just explaining the things needing explaining and bringing back the unpredictability of the comic. Having unpredictable events in Kamala’s superhero life means having Wolverine guest star, which isn’t a big deal. Unpredictable events in superhero stories are the norm.

But unpredictable events in Kamala’s regular life–and there’s a big one this issue—are really cool and they ground the comic. It needs some grounding given the oddness of the powers, though Wyatt’s art helps with that aspect too.

Wilson also balances the superhero and regular better here. There’s a commercial factor to Ms. Marvel and it needs embracing, not avoiding.

Also–the villain. Wilson redeems him with a combination of logic and humor.

It’s great comics.



Healing Factor; writer, G. Willow Wilson; artist, Jacob Wyatt; colorist, Ian Henning; letterer, Joe Caramagna; editors, Devin Lewis and Sana Amanat; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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